VDA 6.3 Process audit

VDA 6.3 Process Audit


VDA 6.3 Process audit | Quarta EVO QMS

The tool faithfully represents the steps required by the automotive standards required by guiding the auditor in compiling the data up to the assessment of product and process conformity according to the classifications provided.

Standard for the German Association of the Automotive Industry. Thanks to the VDA 6.3 software specially prepared according to the rules of the manual, it is possible to manage the process audit during the entire life cycle of the product. Each process is analyzed through a series of questions that determine how each process was implemented during the development phase and how it is managed in the industrial phase. Downstream are available the classification rules (scores, downgrading, ...) and the processes that may arise (NC, Corrective Actions, ...).


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Quarta EVO Audit VDA 6.3 allows you to faithfully follow the steps required by the standard for a correct and effective implementation of manufacturing process audits according to the VDA 6.3 standard. Being a digital tool, it facilitates the research of past audits and possible Continuous Improvement actions.