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Quality Management System

The perfect Quality software solution for every business role

The Quality Area has several stakeholders and each of these is the bearer of specific requests and needs, which is why Quarta EVO was designed as a QMS software not only for processes but also and above all for the people who use it every day.


The company management is ultimately responsible for compliance with the main sector regulations and customer requirements.

A real control room is required..

Quarta EVO, standard in quality software, supports company management in:

  • Simplify processes
  • Reduce working times on non-core activities;
  • Reduce the indirect costs of non-quality..

Quarta EVO is a bridge between the company's suppliers and customers and aims to improve, simplify and speed up internal and external collaboration activities.

Direzione software QMS
Area Qualità software QMS


The Quality Director must oversee the management of all Quality processes and has the responsibility for ensuring quality compliance throughout the extended supply chain.

Quarta EVO allows you to:

  • supervise the qualification of suppliers,
  • monitor the processes,
  • easily involve all colleagues, assigning each their own tasks.

Thanks to the responsive interface it will be possible to use it on mobile devices to have Quality under control at any time.


Thanks to Quarta EVO and its responsive interface it will be easier:

  • enter the control data directly on the production line,
  • save time on checks

Quarta EVO can be integrated both with the MES system and with the measuring machines, a constant exchange of data, measurements and information that frees the operators time and increases precision.

Produzione software QMS
IT/CIO software QMS


The responsibility of the Information Technology director of corporate information systems requires having access to software such as Quarta EVO, namely:

- comply with corporate data security policies, the GDPR and Data Protection..

Furthermore, Quarta EVO:

  • does not provide for local installations or management,
  • deals with the integration with the ERP,
  • Allows internal standard analyzes.

Supply Department

The supplier manager will be able to manage, through the supplier portal, the entire Supplier Qualification process, monitor the progress of supplies and carry out an assessment of the supplier itself.

Quarta EVO allows closer and leaner collaboration with suppliers, providing them with direct access to the supplier portal for the exchange of documents and information.

Acquisti software QMS
RSPP & HR software QMS


As head of security and / or HR, Quarta EVO allows you to follow the directives of the regulations for a complete management of the Security of Human Resources in the company.

It highlights the training provided to employees, the PPE used and allows the complete registration of near misses and accidents and medical examinations.


The QSA is responsible for following up on regulatory and regulatory issues throughout the product lifecycle, which becomes increasingly difficult as regulations become more complex.

  • Single integrated software for all management systems
  • Full control over Quality processes
  • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • KPI that can be consulted and configured internally.

QSA software QMS
R&D software QMS


R&D needs to be able to monitor the design processes and all requests for changes, involving all the necessary bodies.

  • Creation and monitoring of processes
  • Sharing of updated technical documentation,
  • Verification of costs through constantly updated KPIs.

The choice of materials in reference to Reach & RoHs, and other rules / regulations is also supported.

Compliance officer

Compliance is the daily bread of Quarta EVO, it allows the manager and his team to:

  • Have all audits correctly completed,
  • Avoid the emergence of non-conformities during the audit,
  • Support customer specific processes,
  • Have ready-to-use ISO documentation kit available,
  • Have an internal schedule.

Compliance officer software QMS