Non-Conformity Management | Quarta EVO QMS

Identify the most recurring problems and reduce the costs of non-Quality, involving the various bodies for their resolution, supporting continuous improvement.

The Non-Conformity software is designed for the recording, classification and management of all non-conformities detected (Supplier, Customer, Production). Zeroing of any data loss thanks to a simplified and integrated interface with the Complaints and Corrective Actions modules, to obtain continuous internal improvement, on the supplier side and on the customer side.


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The supply chain can be our greatest strength, but also our most insidious weakness. Being able to trace the performance of our suppliers is vital and Nice S.p.a. collects important information from the supplier non-compliance process which, together with the audit process, generates a qualitative eye towards everything upstream of our production. In the past, customer reports were lost in an untracked word-of-mouth system and unfortunately our customers did not always receive the correct feedback in due time, but with the introduction of Quarta's "customer nonconformity" module the complaint is traced and managed and, at any time, it is possible to analyze the average management time per status or the process trend in terms of codes, quantities, competence sector and implemented actions.