Claim Management


Claim Management | Quarta EVO QMS

Collection and analysis of the reports received and formal Complaints and Returns to support all the bodies involved in order to respond promptly and punctually to the customer.

A complete software to manage Customer Complaints, to respond in a timely and timely manner to customer requests, the ability to process statistics and indicators on the most frequent and most critical issues for the company and on the timing and methods of problem resolution. It allows you to follow the entire After Sales process starting from the report up to any authorization for the return, providing valid support to manage the relationship with the customer.


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Outsourcing a process that has always been managed internally can be frightening, but thanks to the traceability guaranteed by the logistics claims process, Nice has been able to experience the transition and the new reality with the same peace of mind guaranteed by internal management. The costs of non-quality are here properly traced and the challenge of continuous improvement is faced with the security of a stable and measurable process.