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Suppliers Quality Portal | Quarta EVO QMS

Management of suppliers directly on-line thanks to a dedicated web-portal that allows to follow every step of the supply relationship.

Quarta EVO Supplier Quality Portal was born from the need to develop a digital platform to support the selection and management of established or not yet included suppliers. Make supplier management effective in the identification and qualification cycles.

This powerful web-portal offers a complete view on all suppliers of the company and the possibility to follow step by step every step in the supply relationship; thanks also to the simplified management and sharing of documents directly on-line.


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Managing suppliers has never been easier or more intuitive, thanks to Fourth EVO's Supplier Quality Portal, my team and I have been able to reduce the amount of tasks required to better track and manage a supplier. And at the same time, we've received a lot of satisfaction feedback from suppliers who have simplified their procedures necessary to qualify and return documentation.