Lot Inspection | Quarta EVO QMS

A targeted control only where necessary to reduce the time and costs of inspection activities by identifying non-compliant material.

The Testing software allows you to plan, execute and automate Quality controls in the various forms: Suppliers (Incoming Goods Testing) in Production (On line Control) or End-of-Line Control (Finished Product Testing), defining the severity degrees of controls based on the results on previous batches. The use of calculation algorithms allows you to concentrate checks where critical issues are highlighted or to intervene by providing for the generation of waste; a targeted control only when it is necessary to reduce time and costs. Integrated with ERP systems, MES and machines to collect data directly at the source.


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The dynamicization algorithm "learns" from the results of the testing of each product code according to the Supplier code, changing the testing levels (from 100%, to sampling up to free-pass) according to the Supplier performance, changing the destination of the incoming materials and the related inspections, depending on the risk. Thanks to Quarta's Lot-Inspection module we have optimized the material incoming flows, improving the effectiveness of testing and the efficiency of the Incoming process.