Audit Management

Audit management


Audit management | Quarta EVO QMS

Creazione, pianificazione ed esecuzione di diverse tipologie di Audit, raccolta e analisi in tempo reale degli esiti per rilevare eventuali Non Conformità e Azioni Correttive necessarie.

The software dedicated to Audit Management for Quality in the company is a real support for the creation, planning and execution of different types of Audits (internal, second and third party, at Suppliers) available for any desktop and mobile device thanks to the '' special APP able to work off-line and on-line. Real-time collection and analysis of the results with the possibility of creating Non-Conformities and Corrective Actions thanks to integration with other modules. Creation and sharing of customized reports and statistics.


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The use of the module has allowed us to plan and manage all types of audits, both internal and external, through the use of questionnaires and ad-hoc metrics, in a quick and intuitive way. It has supported us in reducing management time and costs, allowing us to always have useful information available for the improvement of our processes.