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KPI e la "mania" dei Costi della (non)Qualità

18 MARZO | 11:30 - 12:30 | ONLINE

for improving efficiency and effectiveness and reducing the costs of non-Quality. It can be integrated with IT systems in the company, and is able to collect data in real time, analyze and organize them to automatically create indicators (KPIs) to keep the entire Quality System under control.

Un software dedicato alla gestione Qualità:


The QMS software allows integrated management of Quality and Safety, generating savings in terms of time and costs.

Dashboard - KPI

Quarta EVO is able to collect data in real time, analyze it, organize it and automatically create a series of indicators.


Supplier Quality Portal for easy collaboration with suppliers, simplified document collection and supply KPIs.

Acquisizione dati

Control management at every stage of the production process, with the possibility of acquiring data directly from measuring machines.

Quarta EVO is used everyday by:


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